Affordable Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India
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Affordable Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The knee is a tough joint. When walking, squatting or even standing, your knee depends on a well-regulated system of bones, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and nerves. If an injury, arthritis, or other medical condition interferes with any part of your knee, you may need Knee replacement surgery.

A virtual model of the patient’s knee is used to construct a preoperative plan Robotic knee replacement surgery in India. Surgeons use a computer to control a programmed robotic arm as it repairs a damaged knee.

total Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India This is quite affordable compared to other developed countries such as the US, UK and Germany. The total treatment cost plan depends on the severity of the patient and the location of the hospital.

What is Robot Navigation Technology

Surgical navigation systems enable surgeons to perform surgery in real time using information transmitted through a virtual world consisting of computer-generated models of surgical equipment and virtual representations of the anatomy to be operated on.

What is robotic knee replacement surgery

Robotic knee replacement works on the same principles as traditional knee replacement. During knee replacement surgery, surgeons replace damaged tissue with a false joint. this Robotic knee replacement surgery in India Performed using a robotic arm or portable robotic device (depending on the robotic system used for your procedure).

Robot-assisted operations provide greater precision and can reduce recovery time and improve outcomes. In more complex cases, robotic-assisted knee replacement can better improve soft tissue balance and joint alignment around the knee. You do not need to prepare differently for robotic-assisted knee replacement than you do for traditional knee replacement.

Types of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India

  • Navio Surgical System
  • Mako robot-assisted knee surgery

Each method can help your surgeon create the best surgical plan for you. This helps optimize every step of the procedure.

Your surgeon will discuss and carefully consider all your options with you. While the robotic tools achieve the same goal, they differ when it comes to planning and performing a knee replacement.

The Navio and Mako systems are indicated for partial and total knee replacement procedures. Your surgeon will mention the best options, including whether you are Good candidates for robotic joint replacement surgery in India.

Who is a suitable patient for robotic knee replacement surgery in India

Robotic joint replacement surgery may help improve accuracy and patient outcomes. this best orthopedic surgeon in india can determine if you are Good Candidates for Robotic Knee Surgery. This is mainly determined by the patient’s age, lifestyle, diet, and the severity of the joint injury.

Patients with osteoarthritis are also candidates for robotic knee surgery if their disease has not progressed significantly. In some patients, the swelling and stiffness around the knee plus pain becomes severe, limiting normal movement and daily activities. When the pain and swelling are no longer relieved by prescription medications and physical therapy, the patient is ready for surgery.

The precision of robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery can:

  • More precise implant placement can lead to a more natural feel after surgery.
  • There is less risk of damage to surrounding tissue, which increases safety and reduces the chance of infection.
  • Less blood loss and fewer incisions contribute to faster recovery and less pain.
  • Early recovery, shortened hospital stay, early discharge
  • Potential for improved long-term function
  • Improve the survival rate and service life of implants
  • improved quality of life

Best Hospitals in India for Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Fortis Hospital Gurgaon
  • Apollo Hospital Indra Prasta, New Delhi
  • Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi
  • Amrita Hospital, Faridabad
  • Mumbai Global Hospital
  • MGM Healthcare, Chennai
  • Greater Noida Sharda Hospital
  • BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Bangalore

How much does robotic knee replacement surgery cost in India

average Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India From $4500. entire Cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India May vary based on a number of criteria such as:

  • packaged as Robotic knee replacement surgery in India It can be determined according to the preferences of the hospital.
  • The physician’s competence and experience in the discipline.
  • Patient’s condition: the patient’s disease and whether other comprehensive treatment is needed.
  • hospital stay and length of stay Knee Replacement Surgery in India.
  • Postoperative care is required.
  • Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Prices may depend on the type of hospital and the room you stay in.

What is the procedure of knee replacement surgery in India?

Knee replacement surgery

  • Patient Counseling: After speaking with a doctor, patients can opt for robotic artificial joint surgery.
  • CT scan: Knee CT scan
  • Preoperative plan: Scanned CT scan images are converted to 3D images to allow diagnosis of the patient’s condition and any necessary surgical planning.
  • Operation implementation: The patient is secured to the robot and stabilized, ready for surgery. Next, the physician performs a registration process to ensure that the 3D image of the patient matches the original surgical location. After the registration process, the robot evaluates the data and accurately cuts the bone according to the size, position, angle and orientation of the implant determined during the preoperative planning phase.
  • Implant placement: It involves inserting and securing the end of the surgical implant.

How India is doing robot-assisted knee replacement surgery

Before surgery

Your preparation experience will be similar to that of most total knee replacement patients. In contrast to traditional knee replacement procedures, the knee may use a series of x-rays to create a three-dimensional (3D) model of the knee anatomy. This 3D model will allow surgeons to create many aspects of knee replacement surgery prior to surgery.

During surgery

  • The surgical approach for robotic knee replacement is very similar to traditional total knee replacement, but with robotic assistance.
  • Your surgeon is specially trained to use robotic-assisted equipment to optimize the surgical approach to your specific anatomy.
  • The robot cannot function on its own and will not move unless directed by a surgeon. This helps ensure that the plan the surgeon develops works as intended.
  • Throughout the procedure, the robotic device provides your surgeon with data about your knee, which helps your surgeon determine how to place implants based on your specific anatomy.

After the program

After surgery, you will be hospitalized according to a rehabilitation plan determined by your surgeon. While recovery times vary, most people should be able to drive within two weeks. Your surgeon can tell you when and which activities you can resume, and which ones you should avoid.

What are the advantages of robotic knee replacement surgery in India?

Compared with traditional surgery, Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery in India has various advantages. Benefits include:

  • Augmented surgery plan: Capture specialized 3D images before or during surgery, depending on the robotic option you choose. These images will help your surgeon more accurately determine the ideal type and location of the replacement joint to ensure proper size and fit.
  • Greater precision: Robotics improves orthopedic surgeons’ understanding for more precise planning, tissue resection, and implant placement. This can speed up recovery, reduce complications, and reduce the likelihood of revision surgery.
  • This surgery increases the chances of improving long-term knee function.
  • The treatment requires smaller incisions, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, and less pain for patients.
  • Implant placement is more precise and the patient’s joint feels more natural after treatment.
  • This procedure requires a specific surgical plan for precise positioning of the implants.
  • There is less risk of problems after this implant is inserted.

In conclusion

Pain is slightly less after robotic knee replacement surgery than with conventional surgery. Because the robotic arm cuts the bone very precisely and avoids injury to the wrong structure, the surgery can be performed safely with minimal exposure of the knee.

So far, the surgery is minimally invasive and you will most likely be able to go home the same day. Most patients report three to four weeks to fully recover. However, in some cases this may take up to six weeks. The surgeon will give you detailed instructions on postoperative care.

Most Important FAQs About Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Q: What are the most common causes of knee pain and decreased knee function?

A: Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic knee discomfort and decreased knee mobility and function. The most common conditions that cause knee discomfort and impair knee function are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic arthritis.

Q: How long does it take to wear out after a knee replacement?

A: Most knee replacement surgeries last 20 years.

Q: How long does knee replacement surgery take?

A: Knee replacement surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours and is performed under anesthesia.

Q: How do I know if I need knee replacement surgery?

A: If the X-ray results show a gap in the knee, and pain is felt when walking, the patient is strongly advised to undergo knee replacement surgery before the problem worsens. Please consult our experts for the latest information.

Q: Is there an age limit for robotic knee replacement?

A: There is no upper age limit for robotic knee replacement; it depends on the stage of arthritis the patient is experiencing. It benefits younger patients by providing greater range of motion and longer-lasting implants.