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Gut healing plan for better health: A Gut-Healing Plan for Improved Health and Weight Loss

“Our body is not a temple; it is a garden,” says Dawn Harris Sherling, M.D., author of Gut healing plan for better health She warns that packaged foods loaded with chemical additives like emulsifiers—often with scientific names like polysorbate—are making “bad” bacteria in our gut grow like weeds, leading to inflammation, GI symptoms and weight gain […]

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Tips for maintaining natural hair: Essential Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Natural Hair Care

Tips for maintaining natural hair: Caring for natural hair is a journey that requires patience, consistency, and the right techniques. Whether you have tight coils, loose curls, or any texture in between, here are some essential tips to help you maintain healthy, beautiful natural hair: Gentle cleansing: Use a sulphate-free shampoo or co-wash (conditioner wash) […]

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Foods for better sleep: What to Eat for a Good Night’s Rest

Foods for better sleep: You’ve probably heard the old saying that eating cheese before bedtime can cause bad dreams. However, while it’s true some foods can sabotage your chance of getting a good night’s rest, you’ll be thankful to know this isn’t one of them. “It’s a myth that cheese gives you nightmares,” Dr Michael […]